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Associate Editor, Exceptionality Education International (EEI), Dept. of Educational Psychology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB.

Co-Editor, International Journal of Whole Schooling (IJWS), Whole Schooling Consortium, Wayne State University, Michigan, USA.

Consulting Editor, Augmentative and Alternative Communication, International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Vancouver, BC

Invited Reviewer, Teaching and Teacher Education (International)

Invited Reviewer, Canadian Journal of Education (International)

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What does it mean to belong?

Parents who are raising children who have different needs can tell you. Their role extends well beyond their home and into the schools and communities in which they live.

On Friday evening, January 21, 2011 approximately 150 parents, siblings, teachers, school administrators, support workers, teacher educators and interested citizens of Victoria attended the screening of the documentary, Including Samuel, in the Faculty of Education.  The screening was organized as part of the launch of the Faculty’s Centre for Outreach Education (CORE). Its purpose was to challenge our beliefs and actions with respect to what it means to belong in our families, classrooms, schools, community, and society.  The documentary, sharing, and discussion helped to achieve this goal. Following the screening four parents passionately shared their perspective and experiences in raising a child with differences and advocating for acceptance and inclusion.

Inclusion is an approach, not a program. An attitude, not an activity

Inclusion is not just a special education or disability issue.

Inclusion is belonging no matter what.


International Teacher Education for Inclusion Symposium, July 2010, Dublin, Ireland
I was invited to represent the University of Victoria at this symposium. The aim of this work is to share globally policies and practices in preparing teachers for inclusive education. This work will result in identifying recommendations for innovations that support the education of students with special needs.